Bodylastics 14-Piece Resistance Bands Review

Bodylastics 14-Piece Resistance Bands Set. MAX TENSION XT

51Cb9eB6oeL._SX425_The Bodylastics 14-piece set of resistance bands is truly one of the most popular fitness products on the market today.  A thorough analysis of its features and benefits will help the average consumer to appreciate its true value even more.


Bodylastics has always been able to provide high-quality fitness products and workout equipment for quite some time.  This particular set of Bodylastics 14-pc resistance bands is no exception whatsoever to this successful reputation and lasting track record of quality, precision and efficiency.


Each piece that is included within this set has been specifically designed to last for much longer than the average consumer might think, regardless of the frequency of use over time.  It is made out of heavy-duty components that have been scientifically engineered for durability and long-term support.  For example, the latex materials that were used were continuously dipped in Malaysian latex for a superior level of resistance.

Weight Range & Increments


511XiNhdsbL._SX425_The Bodylastics 14-piece set of resistance bands come with over thirty different levels of resistance – ranging from 3 pounds to over 140 pounds of tension.  Therefore, the average consumer will get more than they expect when it comes to gaining a superior level of resistance form their workouts.

Handle Comfort

One of the biggest concerns that consumers have when it comes to fitness resistance bands is that they easily snap and break during an intense workout.  Keep in mind, though, that resistance bands are essentially large rubber bands that can really cause a lot of pain and bodily injury if they snap during a workout.  The Bodylastics 14-piece set of resistance bands has been specifically designed with anti-snap technology so that there is only a 1% chance that these bands will ever snap on your during a workout.  Not only will you be able to enjoy a superior level of comfort, but this type of efficient handling and support will also make it easier for you to complete your intense workouts without having to worry about whether or not the bands will be able to last.

What Are Other Customers Saying?

fit-womanMost customers that have submitted reviews and testimonials about this particular set in the past have been very positive with their comments.  The vast majority of them have been able to appreciate the solid structure and efficient design of each band. Many were even surprised by the level of intensity that they were able to reach during the workouts simply by using these resistance bands and nothing else.

The advantage of mobility has always been a major selling point for resistance bands, which is definitely something that the Bodylastics 14-piece set of resistance bands has been able to achieve as well.  Quite a few customers have even commented on the excellent value that can be cherished and appreciated within this product.

 hzC7UThere are several disadvantages that have also been noticed, though, by other consumers.  For instance, quite a few have complained about the length of the actual resistance bands being way too long.  There are quite a few deals that are included within this package to sweeten the deal even further, but a lot of consumers have complained about there being too many strings attached to these incentives which prevent them from being enjoyed and experienced fully.

Extra Bonuses

51zWNMsWwYL._SX425_There are quite a few different incentives and specials that have been included with the Bodylastics 14-piece set of resistance bands in order to sweeten the deal even more.  For example, there is a workout DVD included that shows footage of several complete workout routines that are perfect for muscle building, abdominal development and cardiovascular work.

Consumers will also be able to enjoy several months of access to LiveExercise without having to pay any additional fees or charges.  This On Demand service provides direct access to thousands of workouts and exercise routines & plans.  There is even a stylish yet efficient travel bag included to keep these bands stored and easily mobile.

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